Put the risk behind you.

10 year age limit on used vehicles.  Any new vehicle with
more than 30,000km at the time of purchase qualify.

This policy pays the difference between the amount paid
by your primary insurer and the original purchase price,
plus 5% per year, up to the date of loss.
  This policy will
respond after your primary insurer deems your vehicle a
total loss.


    Up to $300 Partial Loss - including glass.
    Up to $500 Total Loss.
    No limit on the number of claims during the full term of the



    Rental car expense paid beyond the date of settlement offer.

    Up to $1,000, with a maximum of $75 per day.

*** This is not a contract of insurance, please refer to policy terms and conditions for details ***

With a payout of 5% per year on the original purchase price

of $25,000, in the 4th year your payout could be $30,000

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No minimum discount required

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