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At Mode Insurance Services, we are passionate about providing unmatched service and superior coverage to each and everyone of our clients, brokers and dealers.

Our polices are 100% guaranteed and underwritten by Intact Insurance.  Intact is the largest provider of auto, home and business insurance in Canada.  


With Mode, claims are made easy.  We work with Intact's licensed insurance professionals who provide outstanding service and support.  They strive to settle each claim in a quick and hassle free manner.  


Our replacement plans go beyond basic vehicle replacement.  We offer genuine body part coverage, deductible reimbursement, and rental extension.  

As an alternative to cash, credit or dealer financing, Mode offers  convenient and affordable monthly payment solutions through IFS Insurance Finance Services.

Tell: 1-844.404.MODE (6633)

Fax: 1-888-979-6675


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 Protecting what's important to you is what we do best.

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